Products That Really Work!: Part 1

You don’t need many words to describe products that really work!. Pictures can do.

tea-tree-full-rangeAnything Tea Tree has been the best skin care product since god knows when. You can use it for pretty much all skin issues: acne (pimples), skin rush, dark/red spots You Name It! I had them all on my skin at one point in my life; Yes I did! On my Face.

IMG_20160514_171434~2 (1)

The other product that also works really great is this seaweed (Algues exfoliant). It leaves the skin really smooth and fresh. Works magic on all skin type. Its also very affordable.


The Lipstick is a No! (“too oily” and too thin). The gel is kinda ok! (meant for oily skin type) it reduces the oilΒ  on the face for couple hours then oil starts to surface on the face again. it’s a bit messy when you wear a foundation on top of it – BUT you can try it out.The eyebrow pencil on the other hand works perfectly well except its a bit pricey. You can find something different for a price within your budget, but if you can afford it, why Not?

Featured products

All tea tree products: The Body Shop

Seaweed Exfoliant: The Body Shop

Moisturizer Gel: Clinique

Skinny Stick Eye Pencil: Sephora

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