Rush Hour Breakfast


I always find myself rushing in the morning and not having enough time to make a decent and healthy breakfast. This here is my go to three minute breakfast option. It’s healthy;It gives me all the proteins and carbohydrates to keep me energetic and strong through out the day. Not to mention, it’s super tasty and easy to make.


One Egg

Two slice of bread (of your choice)

One Avocado

slice of cheese (optional)

One tea spoonful of Oil ( frying the Egg)


Black pepper


And then of course I add this two Tangerines to keep my Vitamin C in check. You can add any fruit of your choice on the side.


That’s all for today. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Also, If you have any ideas for rush our breakfastΒ  let me know, I might try it next.

2 thoughts on “Rush Hour Breakfast

  1. isaiah Jurkuch says:

    Thanks for the recipe, pictures are amazing. Looking forward to more delicious breakfast. I would like to see a recipe of quick lunch for business professional


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