Don’t mind what people say

Self-love is a long journey and all you need is time, because, once you reach your destination, it’s final. There is no going back, you can only love yourself more and more every day. Trust me, there is no better feeling than knowing you are at that point in your life where you’re comfortable with who you are regardless of what society says. You are OK without fitting in.

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Two steps to get there!

Step one: Don’t mind what people say!

Start by NOT caring about what people might think or say about you. Here is why, someone somewhere will always have something negative to say regardless of how perfect of a human being you are. It is not possible to please everyone! And you need to understand that it’s not a failure to not please everyone.

Step two: Be positive

It is scientifically proven that positive people are more productive and, are less likely to catch a common cold. Imagine if someone told you that all you need is a smile every day and your immune system becomes your friend, protecting you from common cold and depression? Crazy! I know. But that’s the truth, positivity makes you healthy. You do not in any way want to waste your time dwelling on something crazy someone said to you a week ago. No one is perfect, and that will forever be a fact. Focus your energy on Positive things. ONLY. And that begins with you accepting who you are and seeing every “imperfection” in your body as a unique piece of Art that need some loving and only you can give it that love.


This is all for today, I hope you find it helpful. Thank you for stopping by and have a nice weekend.




4 thoughts on “Don’t mind what people say

  1. Indeed if practice make perfect…and nobody is perfect,what is the point of practcing?…of which many fail to understand the concept by this….so we better change our perspectives and act positive to succeed in life.

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    1. You’re right. As humans, we might not be perfect but, we can learn to do somethings perfectly!

      if you practice for other things in your life for example: practice for a test, a game, a speech or any other activity that needs practice, you might become perfect in those areas/topics etc.



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