Schedule Like a corporation

It’s almost the end of March and it’s been a real struggle. Things have not been easy for me and I cannot begin to tell you just how many times I wanted to quit.  At one point I thought it is essential that I quit, otherwise I’d go nuts. Imagine these thought process on a person who has bills to pay.

Anyway, today I’m here to share with you not my struggles but, how I handled some of the situations I’ve found myself in over the past few weeks. Falling back on my schedule and other minor stuff that seems to drag me down. I hope you will find this useful in some way unless of course, you have your life all figured out.

  1. Write everything down: Schedule Like a corporation


This is obvious, but I somehow always overrated my ability to manage different things simultaneously. I believed that I could handle work, school, and my other life by only scheduling what’s important and might need planning of some sort. I purposefully leave out smaller things like a friend’s birthday, grocery shopping and laundry time assuming it will be fine. Really, it’s not that hard, right? — wrong. It will not be fine.

The smaller stuff adds up very quickly and because I don’t have them down on my schedule, I procrastinate on them. Sometimes I forget they even exist.  This really messes up my schedule when I try to move things around. Trust me, you don’t want that. A messed-up schedule is a nightmare. So, I write down everything including the minor stuff just like how corporation would go about scheduling their daily activities. Every detail and information is important no matter how small.  I use planning calendar and a notebook. Yes, I have both — I’m a pen-to-paper person.  I check a task as I complete it.

2. Less Procrastination

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I do procrastinate a lot. I minimize that by dividing my daily tasks into smaller tasks with breaks in between. I then work on every task for one to two hours depending on the nature of the work. I give myself a thirty-minute buffer just in case it takes longer than expected or, I had to do something else in between. I also try to make sure that most of the task is done during the morning hours and just a few in the afternoon. The reason for these is so I can have the evenings for myself: go for a walk, beach or just chill at home. These have helped me stay on top of my productivity game.

3. Social media time



I have time set aside specifically for social media. I have tried a couple ways to avoid techno hack, but none of them have worked so far as setting time aside. It’s effective than deactivating an account then coming back because then, I come back full force and charged like crazy making up for the missed time. To avoid that, I factor in 5 to 10-minute social media time into my daily schedule. I make sure not to check social media if it’s not “media time”. This technique has worked for me and I have significantly reduced the urge to check social media during work.

Do you have ways you use to cut down on your social media usage during work? Let me know in the comment section.

To conclude:

My goal for doing these is to get the most out of my day and be as productive as possible. I don’t want to be a workaholic who’s busy all day but get very little done. I want to get even my tomorrow’s work done today if possible.  There seems to be a lot of time available but, there’s none. Be productive now, don’t wait to start tomorrow.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.